5 Tips for Successful Dating a Cougar

cougar and cub

1. Use the Search function to find women in your area

The search function is a great tool that lets you find women seeking men like you. If you are a guy looking for cougars in your city, type your address in the search box and press enter. The search results will display all women near you and want to meet guys like you.

2. Start a conversation with any woman you like

Once you have found a potential match, click on the message button. This will allow you to send her a personal message. If she responds, you can then set up a date.

3. Find out more about a person before you meet

Learn as much as you can about your potential date before the two of you meet. This includes learning about their appearance and personality, as well as how they got to where they're at today. You're trying to determine if they're a perfect match for you.

4. Ask questions to get to know them better

Once you have asked the right questions, you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not they're interested in meeting up. If they are, ask them if they want to meet at your place or theirs. If they agree, arrange a convenient time that works for both of you. However, make sure there is plenty of time to spare if you need to change the location or time.
If you think that the two of you may have a connection, you will then want to send them an email with your contact information to write back if they want to.

5. Learn how to set the right mood for your date

Once you have agreed on a place and time to meet, you will want to prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. This is very important because it will be much easier if you are relaxed and ready when the two of you are together.
Well, there you have it.

These are five tips that will make it easier for you to find a cougar to date. If you follow these steps and use datingcougar.org, you should be able to find the older woman you've spent your entire life dreaming about.

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